We are a young and fast-growing technology service and solution provider, and our right blend of enthusiasm and experience makes us unique in our own way. At BDT we strive to gain, share, and utilize our knowledge and are driven by innovation and our passion for technology.

We help develop next generation Mobile & Cloud Applications, IoT & Embedded Solutions, and bespoke powerful productivity tools & automation solutions. Our technical knowledge, experience, and expertise has facilitated our clients to pursue new business opportunities, focus on business-critical areas, reduce operational costs, and benefit from professional and timely project execution.


Start-up Support

We help improve the odds of success for startups by providing founders & entrepreneurs with an array of targeted resources and services, as we know that being a founder can be lonely and an entrepreneural journey can be difficult.

We customised our approach to founders needs and are able to bring together like-minded people to share, learn, and work to achieve dreams.

Technology Development

We help Start-ups, SMB's, and corporates with technology development as we strongly believe in technology as an enabler for growth, innovation and operational effectiveness.

We provide vision, objectivity, and resourcing to allow you to incorporate technology as a fundamental business strategy.

Technology Resourcing

Hiring skilled resources is one of the biggest challenges faced by corporates and start-ups, and managerial resource and finances are rapidly drained by efforts required to hire, train, and retain employees; and infrastructure investment.

Engaging us will allow you to access skilled resources with domain knowledge & insights, project planning, and end-to-end execution capabilities.

India Office

106, First Floor, SS Mall, RC Dutt Road,
Alkapuri, Vadodara - 390005

Phone: +91 9586555466

Email: bdt (@) bhartiventures.com

UK Office

Taunton Way, Stanmore,
Greater London, HA7 1DG

Phone: +44 (0)795 2157346

Email: bdt (@) bhartiventures.com